#MeToo: the word is déconfine

#MeToo: la parole se déconfine

Recently, we are witnessing a second wave of the movement #MeToo on social media. This maelstrom of accusations, which first touched the middle of the web and tattoo artists from quebec, was subsequently extended to other spheres, including the arts and entertainment.

What distinguishes this second wave of the first, is that in 2017, the victims are mostly only tell stories of abuse. It was a sort of coming out together : #MoiAussi I have been a victim of abuse.

Today, called the alleged assailants by name. The same lists that include people who would have had problematic behaviors, and/or criminals circulate briskly on social media. And as the days go by, the more these lists are getting longer.


But this process, called ” call-out “, not unanimously. There is a possibility of blunders and a possible witch-hunt. It raises the spectre of false accusations.

There is a difference between being an asshole and an abuser. A huge difference, I agree. Still, there are behaviors, toxic, unacceptable, and damaging that are not criminal within the meaning of the act, but that must stop because they are causing harm to the victims.

I want to be clear, I firmly believe in the presumption of innocence, but admit that if it all unfolds in this moment, it is that several of the alleged victims have the impression that they will not be taken seriously by the justice system.

The call-out enables them to feel less alone, to regroup and possibly denounce, and confront the judiciary.

I note in passing that this process has allowed, in some cases, to identify the alleged assailants. I think among other things to Éric Salvail, or to Gilbert Rozon, who are currently facing justice.

Culture of silence

In regards to the false accusations, it is important to know that they are only 2 to 4 % of the complaints. This is the same proportion as in the overall crimes of another nature. So, let go of me with it.

The truth is that there is rarely smoke without fire. When 26 women complain of the behaviour of a person, it is usually because that person has problematic behaviors.

I don’t know what will actually emerge from this extension of the movement #MeToo, but I dare to believe that this will be the end of the culture of silence that reigns in many circles.

Because I don’t know about you, but I was not surprised by these denunciations. Those names, we get the whispers for years. Except that these people are rarely worried about and continue to work while the alleged victims, they cut back their distress.

The phenomenon which we are witnessing at this time is the consequence of this ras-le-bol and collective flaws of our judicial system. When the pot is too full, it overflows.

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