Metro, a flagship of quebec to protect

Metro, un fleuron québécois à protéger

With a market capitalization of $ 15 billion, an annual income of nearly $ 17 billion, consistent profitability, and 90 000 employees, Metro inc. is part of our largest flagships of Quebec inc.

And in the context of the pandemic of the sars coronavirus that struck the Quebec, Metro inc. has shown that its grocery chains Metro and Jean Coutu pharmacies and Brunet were essential to our collective well-being.

Metro inc. is as much a flagship important to Quebec that the company has a purchasing policy to encourage the most possible products in quebec. Buying local is really close to your heart.

Clearly, this is the kind of large quebec-based company on which the prime minister François Legault can without any doubt count on to make possibly the Quebec State more autonomous in terms of supply of products and services.

The current pandemic has made us aware that we could not rely on our traditional commercial allies (Americans, Chinese, Europeans) to supply appropriately when a crisis occurs.

With Metro inc., we are talking here about food self-sufficiency and self-reliance pharmaceutical, two priority areas where the government Legault intends to deploy the financial effort required to become “masters among us” as quickly as possible.


Please be aware that Metro inc., also “pure wool” as it is with its head office in Québec, its senior management in quebec and its ton of local employees, counts among its major shareholders, any financial institution or any fund in quebec.

The main shareholder of Metro inc., this is the mega american funds investment FIDELITY. He holds 24,16 % of the capital stock of Metro inc., and this, through its affiliates, FMR Boston and WIRE Ltd of Bermuda.

Then follow, according to the financial agency Bloomberg, large investment institutions Beutel Goodman (3,70 %), The Vanguard Group (2,85 %), IGM Financial (2,05 %), TD Bank (1,94 %), BlackRock (1,77 %) and Group Royal Bank (0.97 per cent).

Even the “Government Pension Investment of Japan, the” Norges Bank of Norway and the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation ” of the public sector of British Columbia believe important to hold blocks of shares of our giant Metro inc.


For us, it is from 2014, Caisse de dépôt et placement no longer holds a single share of Metro inc.

Very poor business decision.

Metro shares have soared 177 percent since 2014 ! This is 3.7 times the yield achieved by the Fund over the same period.

It gives me the blues to see the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec boycott Metro then it holds $ 30 billion of investment in companies that have operations located in tax havens.


I invite François Legault and Pierre Fitzgibbon to remind the new big boss of the Caisse, Charles Émond, that Quebec can’t afford to lose control of another floret.

If the Cash is heading to “snober” the title of Metro, I hope that the president and CEO of Investissement Québec, Guy LeBlanc, himself, is willing to invest in the capital stock of our leader in the fields of food and pharmacy.

It is time to take action, because Metro is an easy prey for the aliens.

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