Metro launches two new services to make online orders

Metro lance deux nouveaux services de commandes en ligne

After IGA and IGA-essential the day before, that on the food chain Metro is launching its tour of new formulas intended to Quebecers who do their grocery shopping online.

For “meet the goodwill, exceptional experienced in online grocery shopping in this time of pandemic,” Metro launches not one, but two new services of e-commerce.

The platform Metro a Priority (, offered at the scale of Québec, is aimed primarily at the elderly and at-risk consumers.

Thanks to a simple form, these people will be able to recover their order, assembly to the outside of the store, or get it delivered home.

The service is currently available in 135 Metro, 14 Adonis and 40 Super C.

Agreement with Cornershop

Metro has also recently signed an agreement with the application Cornershop. This grocery shopping service charges apply allows you to make the order by internet or in a mobile application and receive the order directly at the house. The grocery store is then prepared by a clerk, and delivered in the day.

Cost of the transaction : 10% of the price of groceries compared to 20 % usually with Cornershop.

“All the teams are making outstanding efforts in this period, out of the ordinary in order to serve the greatest number of consumers possible, in-store and online,” said Marc Giroux, vice-president, executive, head of the Quebec division and e-commerce.

Walmart also

Walmart Canada will also be offering a special service for elderly people or at risk of contracting the COVID-19.

These people can make their order by calling 1 800 328-0402.

“After the order is placed with the associated with the phone, the customer may choose a niche market of pickup or delivery, without contact,” the company says.

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