Mexican police will take on Tesla Cybertruck

Мексиканская полиция пересядет на электромобили Tesla Cybertruck

A city in the Central part of the country is the latest, who wishes to bring a vehicle with zero emissions for the police service.

Mexican news publication El Imparcial reported ordering Cybertruck after the mayor of San Luis Potosi Adrian Esper cárdenas officially announced it. The mayor said that the order was an act of “common sense” as the city offers much lower maintenance costs compared to his fleet of cars on gasoline. It is well known that electric vehicles are easier to maintain. The mayor Cardenas also said that electric trucks will be used for various other tasks in the city. For example, moving water pipes, and garbage containers.

Only Tesla will deliver in town 10 models with two engines and five three-engine pickups. It is unclear what will be used to service the city and other tasks, and which of them will carry the livery of the local police. The news of the order from San Luis Potosi follows the confirmation that the famous Dubai police in the United Arab Emirates also placed an order for at least one Tesla Cybertruck. Dubai police cars Park itself is a legend, and includes many supercars and sports cars.

As reported the edition “Comments”, Dubai police will patrol the streets with electric cars Tesla.

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