Mexico: bodies of 12 murdered men were discovered in a pickup truck

Mexique: les corps de 12 hommes assassinés découverts dans une camionnette

MEXICO city | The bodies of twelve men, tortured, and murdered by bullets, were discovered in a pickup truck abandoned at the border of the mexican States of Michoacán (West) and Guerrero (South), reported Saturday the local authorities.

The floor of Michoacán said in a press release that the victims were found in the morning on a road leading to the municipality of Huetamo, about 206 kilometers from Morelia, the State capital.

The authorities have stated that the first elements of the investigation converge into a “settling of accounts” between members of organized crime due to transfer of drugs.

“The first elements of the investigation indicate that the truck was […] was able to be moved in the state of Guerrero, to cover their tracks,” explained the office of the prosecutor.

According to the authorities, the bodies had traces of torture and bullet impacts. Some were stripped naked.

The bodies were transported to the department of forensic medicine (Semefo) and the office of the prosecutor expects that they are identified and claimed by relatives.

Michoacán is one of the regions of mexico most affected by the violence of the criminal gangs dedicated to drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

At the end of the year 2006, the government of president Felipe Calderón, launched in Michoacán a military offensive controversial against the organized crime, which was subsequently extended to the national level.

According to the experts and defenders of human rights, this is one of the first reasons of the escalation of the violence in Mexico.

Since then, the country has increased to almost 275 000 murders according to official figures, without further clarification on the number of cases related to the war of the cartels.

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