Mezzo Live HD, and Stingray Classica: more of the same?

Photo: Pierre-Étienne Bergeron
To mollify the customer, the string Classica remained decrypted until mid-December.

Specialty channels for classical music Mezzo Live HD, and Stingray Classica are now both available on a subscription special in a bouquet of cable channels. Worth they really the same thing ?


The article of the Duty of welcoming thearrival on the supply cable of Videotron string Stingray Classica has sparked in many readers a lot of frustration. Times fanciful ; programs to offset ; inability to know the content broadcasted… Our worst experience was one day to fall on a documentary about the opera Tosca in German language without subtitles at a time where was supposed to be broadcast a concert by Claudio Abbado ! As said by Rob Overman, responsible for the content of the string, in Amsterdam : “The introductions of the string are never smooth. “


Things are gradually chocked in mid-November. To mollify the customer, the new chain came remained decrypted until mid-December, the time, for us, to give us a good idea of the content.


Content that is fresh and warmed up


In The line of Duty, the direction of the Stingray has largely had the leisure to outline its strategic directions. What we see on the screen is not (yet) like this one. If Mezzo Live HD to its name, providing live shows and very recent, such as the concerts of the Metropolitan Orchestra at the Philharmonie de Paris, we have struggled to find Classica programmes after 2013.


Can be simplified just by saying that, while Mezzo Live HD broadcasts the debut of Simon Rattle with the London Symphony (2017), Classica returns to her beginnings in Berlin (2002). It is without doubt a lesser evil in Québec, of which music-lovers have never really seen these concerts archive.


Seen in this light, Classica has a benefit for lovers of classic, pure and hard : its programming is 100 % classic and the chain chooses not to just for the weekend, where the viewer is available and quiet in the house, for, as a Mezzo, broadcast of the jazz at the tail leu leu.


We are nevertheless disappointed that, contrary to what we had understood, and knowing that the Classica doesn’t offer fresh content, the channel could not be included in the bouquets of 20 or 30 channels. It is sold $ 5 per month, the same price as Mezzo, which is a little cavalier because Mezzo is a true producer of content (that should be well financed) then that Stingray is just a ” pipe provider “, which feeds of the content produced by the other.


In this respect, the ambition of 30 % local content displayed by Classica, when we know that Stingray does not have a kopeck in the production, holds for the time of sweet dream in the long term. For third-party producers will create an abundance of content to give in to Stingray to broadcast, it would be necessary that the production costs in North America significantly reduced and, therefore, revise union agreements governed by the agreements of the American Federation of Musicians, to which the Quebec musicians ‘ Guild is affiliated. A disaffiliation and then to manage, locally in Quebec, the blow-by-blow, “deals media” of nature totally new : here’s an idea and a work in abeyance for about ten years !

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