Michael Cohen, a former counsel to Trump, is to return to prison

Michael Cohen, ex-avocat de Trump, retourne en prison

NEW YORK | Michael Cohen, the ex-lawyer staff of Donald Trump sentenced to three years in prison for various frauds and violations of election laws, was placed in detention on Thursday, six weeks after having been allowed to finish his sentence in his home because of a pandemic.

“Today, Michael Cohen rejected the terms of her house arrest and has, therefore, been returned to a federal prison”, indicated to the AFP a spokesman for the federal Bureau of prisons.

The spokesman did not specify what “conditions” had been rejected by this ex-new york lawyer or in which prison he would be returned.

In a press call, the lawyer Lanny Davis, a friend and legal adviser, Michael Cohen, has suggested that Mr. Cohen had been able to be kept in detention because he intended to publish a book on Donald Trump “in the first two-three months”, and that some might want to prevent it.

According to Mr. Davis, Mr. Cohen has denied on Thursday, during a meeting with the controllers court in the presence of his lawyer Jeffrey Levine, one of the conditions of his house arrest, namely, the prohibition to talk to the press or to publish a book.

When agents arrived to cuff after that refusal, and that he realized that he was going to leave in prison, he agreed to comply, said Mr. Davis, citing a report of this meeting made by Mr. Levine.

Mr. Davis has termed “nonsense” the assumption that Mr. Cohen had been sent to jail, to be released at the restaurant last week near his home in new york, where he was surprised by the New York Post.

Photo to support, the newspaper had indicated that this meal could cost him his freedom.” But, according to Mr. Davis, no agent has ever mentioned to Mr. Cohen that such an exit was prohibited.

Michael Cohen had been convicted in December 2018, three years in prison for having bought the silence of two former lovers allegedly of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign of 2016, in violation of electoral laws, as well as for having cheated on his taxes and lied to Congress.

After having worked for 10 years for the Trump Organization, and will be described as the “pitbull” of Donald Trump, it had turned against ex-real estate mogul in new york, ensuring that the criminal acts he had committed had been perpetrated at his request.

Prison in may 2019, he had been able to return to his home last may 21. His lawyers had argued his medical history, including “lung problems” which would make it particularly vulnerable to the virus.

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