Michael Hall commented on the possible continuation of “Dexter”

Майкл Холл прокомментировал возможное продолжение «Декстера»

In an era when news about the resumption of a popular series of yesteryear, or at least the filming of the remakes appear on a weekly basis, sooner or later the queue will certainly reach “Dexter”. Michael Hall, who played the title role in a new interview commented on possibility of continuation of “Dexter”, saying that, in principle, he does not mind to return to his hero again – ever.

Asked to comment on the possibility of filming the sequel of “Dexter’s” Michael answered:

“The possibility that we will return to “Dexter” really is – given how the series ended. But while I personally did not come across this idea continue that you really would like to implement. But as they say, never say never”.

In the near future Michael will be seen in a new project – the mini-series “Safe” with the star of “Sherlock” Amanda Abbington, which premiered recently at Cannes.

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