Michel Forget : “Du tac au tac” and memories

Michel Forget : «Du tac au tac» et des souvenirs

MONTREAL – AT age 78 well rattled, Michel Forget has memories very clear that happy time of “Du tac au tac”.

Huge success on Radio-Canada from 1976 to 1982, comedy, André Dubois, Jean-Pierre Plante and Raymond Plant, whose action was set in the offices of a talent agency, is scheduled by ARTV several times per week, in replay.

Usually reluctant to watch on tv, Michel Forget has made an exception for preparing for the interview that you are reading currently. And he was pleased to see that the pleasure that gave him used to be “tit for tat” is intact.

The QMI Agency has joined the actor by phone from his home in Val-Morin, during the week of the heat wave from the end of may. Our famous Mario Duquette came home from a round of golf played in a temperature of 34 degrees. “The wind wasn’t strong,” he specified to enter the game, before returning in the past, the time for a few questions.

Mr. Forget, what are your main memories of “Du tac au tac”?

“When I look at it, it is like another world ; in that time, it was not necessary to make jokes on religion. Foufounes, it wasn’t talked about. It was almost children’s programming! The standards were very stringent. But it was a beautiful moment. For an actor, it was a beautiful honeymoon. When you start your career, get married with your job as an actor, and that your honeymoon is to do “Du tac au tac” for six years, it is extraordinary!”

This show marked the beginning of your career…

“I had worked before, but never so much in the foreground. I remember that the character was very popular. It was like a huge act of love. I was going somewhere, and people looked at me with a smile. This was exhilarating. For me, it was the equivalent of winning the 6/49. There, it passed, and people still talk to me.”

There were several good actors in “Du tac au tac”. You had fun with the team?

“Roger Lebel (aka Jean-Jacques Lemay, editor’s NOTE), it was good as good bread! He had sometimes fits of laughter to crying, and I took a perverse pleasure destabilize it when I knew it was fragile. It was a beautiful world. France Castel has left us at a given moment to get married… She went to other challenges! (laughter) then came Christiane Pasquier and Jean-Pierre Chartrand. We’ve also had filmmakers “fun”, and several personalities, including Ginette Reno and Guy Lafleur, have come to make appearances.”

Of “tit for tat”, it retains many of the colourful outfits to your character to Mario Duquette…

“When I got the role, I said to André Dubois and Maurice Falardeau (one of the filmmakers, editor’s NOTE) that it made me think of one of my uncles, a brother of my father. A cursed good guy, that you could call at three in the morning, and who would have stood up to go to troubleshoot. And who wore clothes that do not “matchaient” never! The mode in this time, it was the large medallions in the neck above the tie, the shoes Patof. We dressed the King in the garment or in the Manufacture of the garment! I had told the costume designer that I wanted to be dressed like my uncle. At the time, I was getting often ties in the mail!”

Is that of plunge in this day and age makes you realize that time goes fast?

“It reminds me that I am old! (laughter) My wife always says to me : “don’t Do to excess, in a year and a half, you’ll be 80!” (laughs) At my age, there are things that have more importance. As if the brain was his choice. My God I would have loved to have the same kind of thinking when I was 25 years old! If, in 25 years, we could think as we think about 75 or 80… The world would be better! There would be less of a Trump, to “powertrips” of people…”

In closing, Mr. Forget, how do you live the containment ?

“It is easier when one is retired and lives in the countryside. There is a place in mass to take the stairs. It was not super difficult. Usually, we (his wife, Marie, and him) often goes to the restaurant, but here, it is still in the house. When I look outside, I see deer and flowering crabapple trees…”

  • “Du tac au tac”, on Tuesday, at 19h and 19h30, on Wednesday at 15h and 15: 30, and Friday, at 6 o’clock and at 6: 30 and 17h and 17h30, from ICI ARTV.
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