Michel Zecler will have lifelong physical consequences

    Michel Zecler will have lifelong physical consequences

    Michel Zecler, the black music producer beaten up by police officers on November 21 in Paris, will see his physical and psychological damage “strongly reassessed”, his lawyer announced on Friday at the end of his hearing before the judges in charge of the investigation. The four police officers were indicted, two were imprisoned.

    “We are moving towards more than 180 days of ITT (temporary incapacity for work)”, declared Me Caroline Toby, “given the physical after-effects and the psychological repercussions observed by her doctors”, of which she handed over the certificates to investigating magistrates.

    “A very difficult situation to live”

    Placed in police custody on the day of the events before a video revealed the violence he suffered in a studio in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, Michel Zecler was granted six days of ITT by the unit service medico-legal (UMJ).
    The day of the indictment of the police, the Paris prosecutor had announced that a judicial expertise should reassess this incapacity, used in criminal matters to determine the seriousness of the facts and in civil matters to fix damages.

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    “His tendon” in the left biceps “was severed and had to be reattached with a titanium pin that he will keep for life”, underlined Me Toby, alongside his client, his arm in a sling supported by a splint.

    His hearing, which lasted more than three hours on Friday morning in the presence of the three judges in charge of the investigation, “confirmed that Michel Zecler suffered illegitimate violence in a private place, accompanied by racist remarks,” said Me Toby.
    “Without this camera” for monitoring his music studio, “Michel Zecler would be in prison today and not here in court as a victim. It is a very difficult situation to live with,” added the lawyer.

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