Microsoft has removed several options from the context menu in the new Edge

Microsoft убрала ряд опций из контекстного меню в новом Edge

The company Google has recently started work on improving the context menu in Chrome to get rid of clutter and redundancy. The search giant experimented with improved context menu in Google Chrome Canary, and now Microsoft is making Google proposed changes to its in Edge browser based on Chromium.

New update Microsoft Edge Canary changed the list of options that users see when clicking with the right mouse button on the browser tabs. In particular, the update has removed the menu options for opening new tabs, closing all tabs, re-open the tabs and add them to bookmarks. And I must say, this is a pretty radical step, which will certainly not please everyone.

For example, the lack of “Open previously closed tab” from the context menu may annoy some users, although you can always use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shirt + T) to perform the same task.

Microsoft убрала ряд опций из контекстного меню в новом Edge

Left — as right — as it became

However, if you click with the right mouse button when the cursor is on the tabs, the above paragraph can be found. As noted, the updated context menu is currently available for Edge Canary version or later operating system Windows 10. Will we see this innovation in the release or at least beta version of the browser is unknown.

Thus, Google and Microsoft together are creating new standards for browsers literally before our eyes. They will be comfortable is another question, not having yet a clear answer.

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