Migrant from Donetsk managed to laugh the Kiev police and become famous

Переселенец из Донецка сумел рассмешить киевских полицейских и стать известным

Alexander and could not assume that through their arts will become known in social networks. On the eve of the final of the Champions League in Kiev special markers he drew on his “iron horse”. Mitsubishi Colt shone inscriptions, which not everyone living in the capital and realized: “trempel”, “Paita”, “tormozok”, “heaps” — the words are painfully familiar to those native to the Donbass. And on the hood Alexander in large letters stating – “Donetsk is Ukraine!”.

“To paint your car we we decided. Eugene drew his girly – flowers, sunshine. And I, like the guy in the Donbass, which is in the capital of some special relationship, decided to speak out. This contributed to the fact that eve heard in the address of the next “compliment”. I parked the car and as it turned out, prevented the man come through. I think if the car would be series “AA”, he said. But how to remain silent when you see “an” is like a red rag to a bull” – shared with “Donetsk news” 26-year-old Donetsk native, now living in Kiev.

In addition to traditional “validating” that in his address heard almost every settler, Alexander decided to transfer purely Donetsk chips – “trempel”, “Paita”, “tormozok”.

“I think that these words are not familiar to a few, and in fact it turned out that in Kiev – no, nor sleep, nor spirit” – he asked.

For Alexander, one of the most expensive phrases on the auto – “Shawarma, OCKB”.

“This will see young people my age. Remember, each time after the night clubs all the party people went on ICB to eat a serving of fast food. At five or six in the morning there stood this place… the Best Shawarma I have never ate”, – the interlocutor nostalgic.

Mitsubishi also dazzled with phrases: “Went to the Donetsk steppe”, “melekyne – my love”, “It’s all show-off”, “Beja to buy on resettlement” and so forth.

To make the car makeup, Alexander with his wife and young son went into the forest. In the midst of the artistic process, they drove past a police patrol.

“The police from the Windows of the first closely watched us. After a time, came, looked at our art and, giggling, went”, – says Alexander.

Painted the car, Alexander drove a week and a half, but had planned only one day – only in the Champions League final.

“Many pictures of the car, the car. Asked whether it is possible to upload pictures in the social network. But there were those in my art I reacted negatively. Remember one passerby who responsibly said that “I have this PI…. the hands would have torn. Moreover, they come in large numbers, and embraced that of Donetsk”. But I am glad that most understood my humor” – with a smile said creative driver.

Переселенец из Донецка сумел рассмешить киевских полицейских и стать известным

Переселенец из Донецка сумел рассмешить киевских полицейских и стать известным

In his hometown, Alexander studied for four years at the Donetsk national University. V. Stus the history Department, mastering the profession of a scientist. In the summer of 2014 she was transferred to the magistracy of the Kyiv national University. But the specialty is the guy hasn’t worked a single day – now he is busy in the security business, specializing in the sale of CCTV systems and alarm systems.

“Went from Donetsk in a hurry. I then worked in Donetsk city. And when the fighting started at the airport, we were evacuated. A couple of days there was a powerful bombardment of the railway station. And then we – me, dad, mom, and younger sister, decided that we should leave. But where? Where all the sea! Packed up and moved in the direction of Berdyansk. Literally in two weeks as we then thought. A month has passed: from the sea was already sick, and the situation is only getting worse. But we came back to Donetsk for warm clothes and for transport, which remained in the garage. Take a car, it was scary, we had a jeep, and the militants are “squeezed” in the first place. But we did it! Came to the Dnieper. It was more or less a big city close to home. But I didn’t take the city he loved me too. To understand the Dnieper, it is necessary to be born there. So the next item in our forced journey was to Kiev, where we are still living”, – said the source.

Now all more or less subsided, life is adjusted. And the first time, you were pretty nervous. For example, when Alexander’s family for a long time could not take shelter. “We two months had to live in the apartment, which was removed daily. Don’t remember exactly, but paid about 800 UAH. The only way we, the settlers, agreed to give a roof over your head. All apartment owners, as soon as they learned that we are from Donetsk, denied. Like, make furniture. To which I replied: “You know what I your two-meter rack are loaded into the car and driven across half the country through the checkpoints”,” – says the migrant.

In the capital of Donetsk met his fate. A year and a half ago, Alexander and his wife Eugenia are the parents – they had a son Maxim.

Unfortunately, on the streets of Kiev is not to find funny Donetsk car. As already mentioned, Alexander was not planning to paint the car “forever”. Therefore, the inscription began to fade, and after a week and a half the owner had them completely washed away, restoring Mitsubishi Colt original appearance.


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