Mika wrote a moving letter to Beirut

Mika écrit une émouvante lettre à Beyrouth

The singer Mika has written a deeply moving letter addressed to Beirut and its inhabitants, in the wake of the tragic explosion that devastated the city. 158 people have lost their lives, while 21 are still missing, and 6,000 injured, after the explosion of a warehouse containing explosive materials.

“I feel so close, and at the same time so far away from you. So close to you, because you are devastated by the apocalypse. I can’t stop watching, transfigured, the expressions to be slaughtered my brothers and sisters. In their eyes, I sense the fear, the tears. I shudder when I see a wounded evacuated through the rear window of an old car, a young girl covered in blood in the arms of his father, of the inhabitants, shocked by the blast running through the streets covered with debris, broken glass and buildings broken,” begins he, adding that he is “haunted by the desolation”, in this text circulated on his account Instagram. “I hear the screams of the bereaved families, and the victims thunderstruck mingle in the middle of the night to sirens blaring, ambulances. I also talked about the silence in the wee hours of the morning, the smell of the smoking ruins,” adds the musician.

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If you would like to find out more information on the charities I have personally chosen to support, head to the linktree in my bio

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But, in addition to paying tribute to the battered city, Mika took the lebanese prime minister, omar hassan Diab, calling into question his promise to judge those responsible. “Those responsible for that? What? The leaders of 30 years of agony that have transformed the country of the cedars in the land of ash? This disaster is tragic, it is the end of a series of misfortunes. After the darkness comes the light. I know of your resilience, your strength, and your solidarity is nourished by the mixture of cultures, in this special place that you occupy, halfway between the Arab world and Europe. Tomorrow, you rise, as you have always done. The music will be heard once again of your windows, people will dance on your terraces, and the aromas will escape from your kitchen. I’ll be there,” he concludes, adding in a bio a link to several charities.

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Other stars have given to support funds, such as Halsey, or Ariana Grande.

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