Mikaël Zewski is refusing to$ 20,000

Mikaël Zewski refuse 20 000$

Fans of boxing can not afford a fight between Mikael Zewski and Sadriddin Akhmedov. Yvon Michel, the negotiator Zewski has refused a first offer of $ 20,000 for his boxer.

We did not ask for counter-offers, the end of non-admissibility is final.

The plan of Camille Estephan was to organize the fight at 153 pounds left to force the young Akhmedov to reduce its weight to less than 154 pounds.

We know that because of the pandemic of the COVID 19, the gala is expected to be introduced in camera and be available on the networks
Punching Grace and probably TVA Sports.

The scholarship offered to Zewski after negotiations would have been in the same waters as those for which he fought for two years.

But Sadriddin Akhmedov is very dangerous. Boxers experience the know. Cody Crowley and Brandon Cook also refused to face up to it as Francis Lafrenière elsewhere.


It is obvious that the entourage of Adonis Stevenson tries to bring the former champion on the public square. And that’s fine, since Stevenson will still have a life to live when he has made sufficient progress in his rehabilitation.

We have chosen a number of close colleagues of Adonis, or of the Group Yvon Michel to try this first output. I have to say that I had the tight heart, by reading or hearing the words of Stevenson. Instead of talking about hope, Adonis was left behind to result in a long tirade against his example And with Jean-Charles Lajoie, who was a congenial host to the Adonis on his show, the former champion has struggled after a few minutes spent on the screen. The discomfort is quickly installed.

At least, the public knows that it is able to reflect and express themselves. And no one can judge someone who made so much effort to regain health.

But because of the tone and about, the scavengers of the social networks have been frightening malice toward her. Adonis does not need it.

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