Mike Sherman named head coach of the Montreal Alouettes

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The Canadian Press
Mike Sherman has been presented to the press in montreal on Wednesday by the chairman and the general manager of the Alouettes, Patrick Boivin and Kavis Reed.

Kavis Reed had promised to find a candidate of quality to rotate the wind in the Montréal Alouettes. By hiring Mike Sherman, the director general has struck a great blow.


The American of 63 years became on Wednesday the 24th head coach of the Alouettes. It is the successor to Reed, who has held the position on an interim basis following the dismissal of Jacques Chapdelaine, the 13 September.


It happens in the canadian football League (CFL) with an impressive roadmap, but also a huge challenge : montreal finished in last place in the section, with a record of 3-15 (the worst in its history), and it has missed the playoffs for a third consecutive season.


“I like the challenge that I presented here to create something. It’s been a long time that this team did not win, he said at a press conference. The biggest challenge will be to assemble the right group of coaches. The CFL has produced several good coaches and we are going to search out the circuit to find the very good coaches for our group. “


“Then, it will be necessary to acquire the players to be better than what this team has been. We must have better training. From what I’ve seen, this team lacked passion for the game. We must ensure that the players we will pick to meet these criteria. “

This will be different, there is no doubt about it. I am always amazed at the creativity of the LCF.
Mike Sherman is the new head coach of the Montreal Alouettes

First experience


Sherman will be a first experience in the CFL. It has, however, an extensive network experience american university and the NFL, where he has been the head coach and general manager of the Green Bay Packers, between 2000 and 2005. During this period, he led to the conquest of the three titles of the North section of the National. He has also held various positions over his career with the Seattle Seahawks, the Houston Texans and the Miami Dolphins. It could also use its contacts in the circuit to replenish the formation of the Alouettes.


“It will take a huge work of testing to find players who can help us,” said the one who had led since three years, the football program of the high school Nauset Regional, in Massachusetts. “I believe that because of my contacts in the NFL, not only with the teams and their general managers, but also with their testing services, we will be able to find these talented players and to ensure that they agree to come give us a hand. The success of this research will be the key to our success on the field. “


As to Sherman himself, he will have to learn how to manage an offensive movement, but, above all, the 12th player.


“It will be different, there is no doubt about it. I am always amazed at the creativity of the LCF. I have a lot of respect for the coaches who have led this league at this level. I am looking forward to study and learn this attack. I learn, usually very quickly. I look forward to see how the 12th player can serve and the kind of player he should be. This is the portion that’s fun for me to discover this system, how the movement affects the defense and how, from my side, I can defend myself against this 12th player. […] Believe me, I have some games that you will never be seen by here ! “


He believes that it will be more fun to lead an offensive movement or having to negotiate with 12 players in defense against his attack ?


“A little bit of both. I think it will be easier for me to play at 12 in defence for to find a way to outsmart it. “


Seduced by Montreal


Although he grew up in the Boston area, Sherman had never come to Montreal before his first visit 10 days ago. He was charmed by the city, but especially, his wife of 35 years, Karen, has loved the city.


“Without this, my coming here would not have been possible. We would like to live it in the family, ” said the father of five children. Besides he hoped to visit the campus of McGill University, with her youngest daughter, Selena, in the afternoon.


But more than the city, Reed and Wetenhall who have impressed Sherman and gave him the taste to jump into this adventure.


“I spent a number of interviews during my career. It was one of the most precise, most innovative and most thoughtful that I’ve had in my career. When I left the room, I said to myself : “Wow ! These guys not only love their club and this city, but they want to win and look for someone to guide them in this direction.” I was very impressed. “


“My goal is that this organization aligns with the city of Montreal. This city is proud, has a rich history, and she is passionate about. If we can make our team proud and passionate, the championships will come. “

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