Mike Tyson is too greedy

Mike Tyson est trop gourmand

Applications huge Mike Tyson could prevent his return to the ring, as he left to predict for almost a month, for a fight against Tyson Fury.

“It was definitely true, but nothing has materialised,” said Fury in an interview with the Youtube channel iFL TV, on Wednesday. They were offered a lot of money to Mike, and they came to see me afterwards to give me some “peanuts”.”

“Mike spoke to me about figures of around $ 500 million, and what they offered me, the offer that I received, I said to myself : “this must be a joke, this is ridiculous,” added Fury. Nothing materialized, but I had an offer on the table from ESPN for $ 10 million. I think that the whole world has moved on to something else.”

Fury could now be tempted to fight a third time against Deontay Wilder later this year. For Tyson, nothing seems imminent, he is at the age of 53 and who has not supplied official bout since 2005.

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