Mike Tyson will there be a shark?

Mike Tyson affrontera-t-il un requin?

The famous boxer Mike Tyson, who has recently started to train for a future battle, is found to be in the ring facing an opponent with a bite: a shark.

This is the chain Discovery Channel , which announced this collaboration between the former heavyweight champion and the big fish, which will take place on 9 August in the framework of the “Week of the sharks” (Shark Week).

The event is even already has a name: “Tyson c. Jaws : Rumble on the Reef” [brawl on the reefs].

The tv channel has not given much details regarding the conduct of the battle, but was assured that Tyson would fight with the animal under water. However, it appears that a cage is included in the equation.

“I accept this challenge to overcome the fears which I still do face in life. This is the equivalent for me of this fear back into the ring to 54 years”, said in a press release the fighter who has delivered his last fight in 2005.

To make the promotion of the event, Tyson has appeared in a video where he is seen training on the beach, break a surfboard in half and throw a few jokes. In reference to the time when he tore off the end of an ear of Evander Holyfield with his teeth during a fight in 1997, Tyson said that “someone was going to be bitten”.

Tyson vs. Jaws on August 9th for @discovery #sharkweek

Posted by Mike Tyson on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The famous “Shark Week” takes place this year between 9 and 16 August.

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