Mila kunis has explained why not Instagram likes

Міла Куніс пояснила, чому не любить Instagram

Before Mila did not even know what Facebook
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Hollywood actress Mila kunis avoids the appearance in social networks.

Unlike many of his colleagues in show business who do use social media to promote new projects, Mila kunis prefers social networks to avoid – and in a new interview explained why to wait for her activity on Twitter or Instagram useless.

According to kunis, there was too much negativity: “I’m beginning to hopelessly lagged behind this trend. Remember, at some point, my roommate said, “You know, there’s this thing called Facebook,” and I said in reply – “What is this? Who will use it? All this is strange.” Then we started to chat with Ashton and he was always very progressive thinking about social media when the Internet was meant to unite people,” – said a celebrity.

Міла Куніс пояснила, чому не любить Instagram

“But then it all turned into something ugly turned into a competition – who is louder, who is more evil, who is negative. Any pleasure from that I do not have”, – said Mila.

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