Milan is negotiating with the miner on the acquisition Aunt

Милан ведет переговоры с Шахтером о приобретении Тете

The management of “Milan” is in the process of negotiations with “Shakhtar” on the purchase in the January transfer window, the young winger of Shakhtar Aunt. This was announced by the football agent Pablo Bueno.

“When Shakhtar played with Atalanta in Milan, I was approached by representatives of the Rossoneri. They asked me about the possibility of a transfer, and I clarified the situation to them. At the moment negotiations are underway between the clubs. As for the Aunt, then he waiting to understand whether Shakhtar and AC Milan agreement on the amount of compensation,” said Bueno.

According to the agent that originally, AC Milan were ready to pay for Aunt about 20 million euros, but now the situation has changed and the Italian club is ready to raise the offer in the bidding process up to 30 million.

Recall, the Aunt moved to Shakhtar in February this year from Gremio. For his transfer, the Pitmen paid 15 million euros, but according to unofficial information, 15% of the economic rights to the Brazilian retained Gremio.

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