Miley Cyrus left her new lover

Майли Сайрус бросила своего нового любовника

According to the friend, Cody, Miley, from the outset, gave him to understand that value their freedom. But he certainly didn’t expect her so quickly want to get rid of their relationship with him. She proclaimed him her soul mate. And almost every day published provocative photos with Simpson, which showed their mutual passion. However, over the last two weeks she didn’t put any new picture with Cody, which indirectly confirms the information about her breakup with Simpson, reports 7days.

It is noted that the last time they were seen together on 4 November, when she appeared with Cody on the wedding of his brother. A few days later Miley, who last month had tonsilitus, had surgery on his vocal cords. After which doctors ordered her to keep the “vow of silence” for several weeks in order to quickly recover. However, the instructions to refrain from talking in any way could not prevent Cyrus to see Simpson. However, as far as we know, she went to his native Tennessee and not in contact with Cody, even on the Network.

Help Wikipedia. Miley Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter and actress. He received worldwide fame starring in the title role of the TV series “Hannah Montana”, where she played an American schoolgirl Miley Stewart, who is a pop star Hannah Montana, but hides it.