Miley Cyrus spoke about her novel

Майли Сайрус рассказала о своем романе

Recently, the singer was allegedly spotted kissing in a cafe with a musician Cody Simpson. Recent events from his personal life Miley has caused ambiguous reaction of the public – many felt that she too often change partners. And the singer has something to answer for such comments, writes

“People feel involved in my previous relationship because I observe my growth. But I have grown up and as an adult, make decisions based on truth/the details/reality. People “know” only what I see on the Internet. Men (especially successful ones) never face slat with samirom. They go from a beautiful young girl to another, usually without consequences. They are called Heartbreakers and legends, while girls are called prostitutes. I’m just trying to survive in a man’s world… if you can’t beat them, join them! If our President says he can “touch women”, can I just get my acai bowl and a kiss? I would like to actively spend time with those with whom you meet, not just sit at home and watch Netflix,” writes Miley on his twitter profile.