Military weakness of Ukraine: “take-off” must not be interrupted, the world cannot be restored

Боевая немощь Украины: «взлет» прерывать нельзя, мир восстановить невозможно

Let’s start with financial digression, which is the pride of the Ukrainian government: according to the world Bank, in 2018, the Ukraine spent on defense 3.8% of GDP, one of the highest rates in Europe. Thus, she entered the top three in defense spending: more than Ukraine in the past year, defence has spent only Armenia (4.8% of GDP) and Russia (3.9 per cent).

Official Kyiv is very proud of this leadership, and it is possible that it will be fixed for him and the ratings of the world Bank for 2019, as the military build-up (or rather, write-off under this process fabulous sums of budget money) is a key objective in the past year. Parasite on “defense”, arguing that Ukraine is at war with the “aggressor”, not even a tribute to political fashion, but a necessity, a source of profit, carve-up and widespread corruption.

For example, in Ukraine in the autumn counted the chickens, or rather, military pilots. It turned out that after three years they do not remain, since there is a massive Exodus of pilots and the prestige of the Ukrainian flying schools is falling due to the lack of international pilot certificates.

Mobilization activities 2014-2015 showed that the civil institutions that train pilots (they have a military Department, and they must prepare the reserve officers) – College of Kremenchuk, Kirovohrad Academy did not give any reservist! Now this loss of active pilots and the admission to aircraft of the specialty is such that three years later we have the pilots just end. Military pilots holding only the “special period”: they are forbidden to leave. We know the situation to the brigade – a large number of military pilots will immediately quit after this “special period” will be withdrawn“, – said the adviser of the Subcommittee on defense industry and technical modernization of the Committee on national security, defense and intelligence Vladimir Kopytin.

In addition, it is known that in a few years Ukraine will not be able to fly due to a technical state, no military aircraft, as well as completely “reset” volokuschy miserable existence military airfields. Therefore it is absolutely logical: why Ukraine needs military pilots?

Actually, in this example, it is possible to judge about the Ukrainian army as a whole because both “land” and “FU-volotovskii” prospects for the square look the same boring and miserable. Against this background, quite organically fits into the overall picture of the military weakness of Ukraine and the fact that the current year was a failure in the fulfillment of the state defense order (SDO).

First the Armed forces of Ukraine lost another year. The second – future of the Ukrainian army is another branch of uncertain decisions, and against this background we see a dominant number of conversations about the rapprochement with NATO. 2019 – an unprecedented year for the failure of the state defense order. Such a crisis, such a collapse has never happened before since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war. According to unofficial data, several billion hryvnia will not be spent on those key areas that determined the development of the Ukrainian army. For example, the General staff is not spent almost half of the 4.5 billion that were offered for this year, “said a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Institute for security studies, Director of the Center for army, conversion and disarmament Valentin Badrak.

According to him, the failure of the articles relate to the repair of weapons, military equipment, to ensure the survivability, security and communications, automation and even such areas as the protection of military facilities. In addition, according to the expert, there is no less terrible picture on articles regarding the purchase of arms, military equipment and development work.

For purchase have a “hole” in 42% of unexpended resources. In the sphere of development, i.e., research and design, and have an even greater “hole” at 47%. We are talking about the introduction of new technologies in defense sector“, – said Valentyn Badrak.

By the way, about mentioned by the expert “the Russian-Ukrainian war”: despite 6 years of “Putin’s aggression”, 55% of Ukrainians do not believe it, as evidenced by the data of nationwide public opinion surveys conducted by the Fund “Democratic initiatives” to them. Ilka Kucheriv jointly with the Kyiv international Institute of sociology (KIIS). The survey was conducted in 110 settlements in all regions of Ukraine.

Боевая немощь Украины: «взлет» прерывать нельзя, мир восстановить невозможно

Note that in reality the percentage of such citizens are much higher. But, nevertheless, the undeclared war Kiev does not change, and, apparently, not going to cancel. Because “rise” be broken.”Rise” is precisely the word that characterizes our army after the revolution of dignity and Russian aggression in the Donbas… You without “transition periods” has quickly grown and gained combat experience, which you learn during training our partners, “- said defense Minister of Ukraine Andriy Zagorodnyuk, congratulating the “warriors of light” with the APU.

We emphasize that this character, who graduated from Oxford University and engaged in business in the mining and refining industries, did not serve in the army and never had any relation to it. Otherwise, he knew that “fly” already and nothing to no one, as in Ukraine, the mass discharge servicemen, the number of “derailed” from the call increases every day, and the largest defense companies are in a deep crisis. He also knew that APU along with karpatamy not won a single victory in the Donbass war, and none of the partners has not been studied at APU.

Ukraine wants peace, but a strong army will remain a priority and after will be returned to all people, all areas. Because the army is a guarantee of freedom and independence, “- said in turn the President Zelensky, knowing full well that Ukraine will never be able to return any lost territory, nor, especially, people. But the message for the foreseeable future, in his words, felt the same: peace will come when Kiev realizes the impossible. That is, never…Oksana Shkoda

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