Millions of masks from China

Des millions de masques venus de Chine

Of quebec entrepreneurs do double duty to fetch China the million masks, gloves, visors and overalls are essential to our health workers.

Yesterday morning, the first of a series of flights special has landed at Mirabel airport. From Shanghai, and after stops in Tokyo and in Alaska, a MD-11 of the american company Western Global has unloaded some two million masks, which will be soon in hospitals and NURSING homes.

A MD-11 of the company’s Western Global filled with masks landed yesterday morning at Mirabel airport.

“There is some stock that is going to happen in Quebec !” he exclaims with emotion Marc Bibeau, president and CEO of the Group OEC. Fifty charter flights operated by the montreal-based firm will arrive at Mirabel, Dorval and Toronto by the end of June.

More accustomed to carrying sports articles and automotive parts, Mr. Bibeau is now playing a leading role in the global race to personal protective equipment.

Present for 40 years

In China, OEC has a score of warehouses where transiting the goods between the factories and the Shanghai airport, a hub for the export of protective equipment.

Every day, the planes follow each other on the runways at the destination of the four corners of the world.

Workers prepare to unload the MD-11 charter by the quebec-based company OEC.

“What distinguishes us, is that it’s been 40 years that we are in China with our own staff and our own facilities,” explains Marc Bibeau. We know the chinese market to be professionally and culturally, which helps to move the cargo quickly and to solve problems when there are a.”

China has stepped up controls to prevent the export of defective equipment or from factories that are not certified. These measures have led to delays that forced several aircraft to depart empty to China last week, including two in Canada.

The largest aircraft in the world

These challenges have not deterred Nolinor Aviation book the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov an-225, to make Quebec a huge consignment of protective equipment.

The device six motors should land tomorrow night at Mirabel.

“There are a lot of people who try to improvise with it, and that it has not been a success… For us, either, this is not guaranteed this to be a success, but it has a more laid. It’s been already a month that we are working on this flight-there, ” said the president of Nolinor, Marco Prud’homme.

With his team, he learns to speed the basics of international logistics. “This is the kind of challenge where you arrive in the morning, you’re not aware, you open the plane and you say “ah, OK, there’s that, which had not been expected…” We are flexible and we adapt. ”

James Dixon, owner of the company 911 Pro, who hoped to make it take off of China, on 18 April, an Airbus A340 chartered by Chrono Aviation, had to take his evil in patience. Due to an administrative delay to Shanghai, the flight must eventually landing Thursday in Quebec.

“It has dozens of flights [of protective gear] sold and planned,” says Dany Gagnon of Chrono Aviation.

With the costs of charter and labour, which explode, these complex operations are not as profitable as one might think.

“This is not a question of profits, it is to be of service to our heroes of the first line,” insists Mr. Bibeau.

– With the collaboration of Jean-Michel Genoese Gagnon

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