Millions of refugees will be cut out of the Europeans as a flock of sheep

Миллионы беженцев вырежут европейцев как стадо баранов

The analyst Satanovsky promises “great slaughter” because of the huge waves of migrants

The flow of news about crimes of refugees in Europe slowly but surely on the rise: rape, robbery, murder, beatings, intimidation of local residents… Recently, for example, learned about the brutal murder of an elderly German woman christelle V. in Wuppertal (administrative district of düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia). The body of 78-year-old woman with a slit throat, who lived in the area Kronenberg, was discovered in her bedroom by the neighbor of the pensioner. As stated by the district attorney Hauke Bahr: “Autopsy confirmed our guesses. All the evidence suggests that it was murder.”

Apparently, the elderly widow became the victim of a robbery, the perpetrator stabbed the woman as unnecessary witness. Gone is the money, jewelry and car. Who did it — until it appears. However, the neighbors of the deceased are confident that this work of migrants, always hang out in the area.

Last week, in Thuringia, began the trial of an Afghan Mohammad A., which is exactly the same brutally stabbed to death 87-the summer pensioner Ursula from the city of Jena. She refused to give him 7,000 euros, than signed his own death warrant.

In addition, a week ago in the district court of Munich (capital of Bavaria) began the arraignment of a Nigerian Chidubem M., who was lured to his local shelter five-year-old girl and raped her in his room. These crimes are increasing like a snowball. It got to the point in düsseldorf, where the locals nadas local government has already organized anti-migrant patrols, to be able to protect themselves from the “newcomers”. The total number of these groups already reaches several thousands of citizens.Moreover, the police of düsseldorf took it public endeavor rather skeptical. “The monopoly of power belongs to the state. To prosecute is not the case for citizens”, explained the position of the local police Department’s officer of the press service. What else can you say law enforcement officials who can’t cope with the crime wave of migrants? The question is rhetorical. But for the locals it is a question of their own safety, often literally life and death. But many in Germany are so tired of the mess that is happening in their country refugees who, in desperation, began to pay themselves “newcomers” to the same coin.

So, at the end of last week the Germans was struck by a terrible event: at the main railway station Krefeld (Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia) passers-by witnessed the German pushed from the train platform under the approaching train migrant from Eritrea. A moment before they began a dispute that developed into a skirmish. As a result, Eritrean flew on rails, but had time to rebound. Plus, instantly reacted the driver of the train, pressing the emergency brake.

Noteworthy is the fact that exactly three months before the incident, the migrant (and also from Eritrea) Habte Araya similarly pushed from the platform of a railway station of Frankfurt am main under the wheels of an arriving Express completely unfamiliar 40-year-old woman, her eight-year-old son and standing next to them 78-the summer old woman. Women narrowly escaped death (they received relatively minor injuries), but the child died immediately. And a few days earlier in different parts of Germany, there have been two exactly the same case when the migrants got rid of the Germans at the train.

But now the refugees themselves seem to begin to Rob and kill. At the beginning of October in the city of Bourscheid, an unknown male attacked Syrian refugees and demanded his mobile phone and money, which fact was not with him. Enraged, the robber brutally beaten Syrian, causing him severe head injuries, and fled.

And the day before at the train station in bad Hersfeld (Hesse), the German opened fire from a pistol at 18-year-old migrant from Somalia. He fired several shots from a car African. At the station at that time was the police who detained the shooter, who was Roland K., a local drug addict and right-wing radical racist beliefs. And he chose his victim, as shown by further investigation, solely on the color of their skin.

In summer, he boasted in a local pub that had previously fired on the refugees repeatedly. And in General, the investigation revealed that the Germans always were hostile to foreigners and have repeatedly stated publicly that he was ready to kill them.

What will happen when Europe and particularly in Germany will get about 4 million refugees who are now in Turkish camps and that Turkey intends to produce at the spaces of Europe? And speaks about it in its forecasts scientist-orientalist, political scientist, founder and President of scientific centre “Institute of the Middle East” Yevgeny Satanovsky. According to him, in this case the Old world is waiting for “massacre”.

Of course, it is in any case not included in the plans of politically correct and multicultural Europe. But in 2015, it also was not in her plans. However, what happened is what happened. Wearing its citizens “pink” glasses, the EU is faced with the greatest humanitarian catastrophe related to the invasion of refugees.

Now EU officials in the near future waiting for a new thread “newcomers”. And this is a very serious defect in their migration policy. “Europeans, on the trouble, under the illusion. After the Great resettlement of peoples of Rome did not. And it was only the last wave of migration, about which we at least know something. From pre population of Europe, except the Basque mountains and the Sardinians in Sardinia, there’s nothing left. Especially from those who came before them. So there is a big massacre, which old-timers will suit beginners,” — said Satanovskiy.

It is unlikely that the workers will stand idly by as they will Rob, kill and humiliate. They will “interact” with the local population (the experience of something their predecessors didn’t go anywhere) so that you will not find it.

Vitaly Krukov

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