Millions of vaccinations in the United States since the containment

Des millions de vaccinations en moins aux États-Unis depuis le confinement

The number of doses of vaccine ordered in the United States since Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency due to the pandemic of COVID-19 has dropped by several million, reported Friday the Centers for prevention and disease control (CDC).

Some 2.5 million doses of routine vaccines (except influenza) or less, and 250 000 doses of vaccine against measles at the least have been ordered between 13 march and 19 April, compared to the same period in 2019, shows the report.

“The decline began in the week following the declaration of a state of national emergency “, according to the study, which is based on the commands of the vaccine program, funding approximately half of the vaccinations made in the country.

“Although social distancing has helped to slow down the contagion of COVID-19, it has also led to deferrals and a decline in the number of children receiving the recommended immunizations,” explained to the AFP the authors by e-mail.

The decrease is however moderate for children under 2 years of age, according to other data about the doses actually administered in eight networks of care.

This indicates that the instructions of maintenance visits and routine vaccination in this age group have been relatively followed, while for older children, firms have in general restricted the visits to the cases of illness and cancelled the routine visits.

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