Minamaneho of Ukraine plans in April 2020 to conduct a pilot auction for “green” generation

Минекоенерго Украины планирует в апреле 2020 года провести пилотный аукцион на «зеленую» генерацию

The Department of energy and environmental protection plans in April 2020 to hold the first auction on which will sell the opportunity for the construction of renewable energy facility on a competitive basis that will allow you to determine the market value of “green” electricity.

A period of the pilot auction is given in the presentation of the relevant Minister Alexei Argelia, which was presented on November 25. “The holding of the first auction – April 2020”, – stated in the presentation.

“Very important for us, as soon as possible to hold auctions for “green” energy in order to show the market, and to determine how the real price of a new generation of “green” energy,” commented the Minister.

According to Ariela, a new system of support alternative energy generation and the transition to the auction system imposed by the high cost of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) in the “somewhat high” “green” tariff.

“Very large amounts of energy are injected, frankly, a bit overpriced “green” tariff,” he said, adding that the auction will determine the market value of electricity from RES and to improve the financial position of GP “Guaranteed buyer”, who is facing the shortage of funds for the purchase of “green” electricity.

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