Mind’s Eye / Adrian Bondy Gallery: Philippe Gabel

    Mind’s Eye / Adrian Bondy Gallery: Philippe Gabel

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    Both fearful and elated, the traveler enters the city with a cat’s step into foreign territory.

    This sentence by Julio Cortazar illustrates well my photographic approach. I am on the march, from country to town, with my heart and eyes open, to meet this stranger, my fellow man. I like to let time slip away in humanist ballads, in search of these syncopations, lightning snapshots, whose white veil will perhaps reveal the invisible, a fragile osmosis between what is and what I am. Look see! – Philippe Gabel

    Philippe Gabel is a self-taught photographer, Parisian and traveler. He lives between Paris and Burgundy Morvandelle. He develops an approach to photography centered on people whom he likes to show in places photographed as social theaters. People on the streets in Paris (The silences of the street, exhibited in Paris, then at the Théâtre du Soleil and at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 2008), to those of a passage in Marrakech (Passages, 2005, exhibition planned). He is currently working on a series of “natural characters” (trees, rocks, ponds…) who inhabit the Vézelian forests (Exhibition and book in project). His work There’s more! … Weird loves… Portraits of garage sales was exhibited in 2010 at Maison Jules Roy de Vézelay, in Paris, Espace Beaurepaire (2010), Leroy Merlin (2011), Galerie St Germain (2012) and in Sweden, Fårö Island (2012) accompanied by a book Garage sales from Créaphis Publishing.

    Philippe Gabel’s exhibition, The day after tomorrow, tomorrow will be yesterday, already postponed twice, will take place at Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy as soon as the health situation permits.

    Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy

    221 Saint-Jacques Street

    75005 PARIS


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