Mining industry: a call for the development of our resources

Industrie minière: un appel au développement de nos ressources

The extraction of scandium, an alloy popular in the space industry, will help the industry in quebec and Canada to remain competitive, especially after all the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

This is what stated Peter J. Cashin, president and chief executive officer of the mining Group at Imperial – a company whose headquarters is in Montreal – in an open letter.

It had been this output in the wake of the recent announcement by Rio Tinto of the development of a new process for the extraction of scandium, a mineral critical for its plant Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium Sorel-Tracy, Quebec.

In the missive, written with Phil Chataigneau, analyst strategic marketing within the global mining Group, Imperial, Peter J. Cashin promotes the development of the resources of Quebec. It must be said that the global supply for scandium is strongly restricted.

“Knowing that Imperial is developing a major resource of scandium in the north-east of Québec city – large enough to complete the supply of Rio Tinto – this announcement is a confirmation decisive for an actor to large-scale mining recognizes the potential important commercial alloys scandium-aluminium”, one can read in the letter.

The big boss explained that scandium is necessary for the uses of high-tech, clean-tech, as well for entrepreneurs in the downstream of the supply chain, for the entire aluminum industry in Quebec.

In this case, the authors have pointed out that Boeing and Airbus have significant subsidiaries in the space industry and defence, which require a level of performance which the scandium can answer.

In addition, it is also used in fuel cells or in the form of a powder for additive manufacturing (3D printing of metals by fusion laser).

“The continued availability of sustainable sources of scandium is likely to contribute to the progressive growth of the manufacturing sector for the production of goods which rely on a material strong, lightweight, heat-resistant and corrosion”, is there shown.

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