Minister to stop the transit of gas: There is a 100% risk

Министр об остановке транзита газа: Есть 100% риск

Photo: Reuters.This week look forward to further consultations on gas

Ukraine and Russia still have not agreed on a new contract for gas transit. The old expires at the end of the year.

Mindelo assesses the risk of termination of transit of Russian gas to 100%. On Monday, November 25, said Minister of energy and the environment Alexey Orzhel, reports UNN.”Underground gas storage facility prepared in the amounts that we have passed from a stable gas supply, heat supply winter when we have a 100% risk that will cease the transportation of gas. What does it mean? We have 30% more inventory than usual gas, these gas reserves can fully exit the heating season and to provide gas supply in the reverse mode, to provide each of the Ukrainian electric energy and gas”, – said Ariel.

According to EP, Ariel also stated that in case of signing new agreement on transit with Gazprom, the price may be one of the cheapest in the history of the negotiations.

Ariel stressed that the signing of the new agreement is an absolute priority in the plans of the Ministry and noted that with the adoption of unbundling the question of further contracts will be resolved only on the basis of economic expediency, without any political pressure.”If we sign a contract for transportation with Gazprom, taking into account the reserves available in the Ukrainian and European gas storage facilities, we may be witnessing one of the historically cheapest gas prices this winter”, – concluded the Minister of energy.

Also, Orgel noted that gas transit could bring the budget up to $ 3 billion of revenue.

Earlier Gazprom had sent Naftogaz official proposal to extend the existing contract or entering into a new contract on gas transit through the territory of Ukraine for a period of one year. In the proposal of the Russian company pointed out that the necessary condition is the failure of both parties from all mutual claims in the international arbitration and the termination of all judicial proceedings. The Ministry of energy Gazprom’s offer called unacceptable. While in Kiev, he expressed hope that the parties will be able to return to a constructive dialogue.