Ministry of emergency situations has warned about the rise of the water level in the rivers in the Irkutsk region

МЧС предупредило о подъеме уровня воды в реках в Иркутской области

The MOE issued an emergency warning about the rise of the water level in the rivers of the Irkutsk region. To critical levels water, in particular, will rise on the river Irkut, the TV channel “360”.

“Emergency announcement! On 5 July on the river Irkut is expected to increase the water level near the village Baklushi until the levels of 430-480 cm with the critical level of 480 centimeters,” – said in the message of rescuers.

The Ministry added that in this regard was conducted to verify the readiness of management bodies, task forces and constant readiness forces.

The MOE has also warned that the expected rise of water in the river Kitoy in the area of the village of the same name to a level of 150-200 centimeters with the critical level of 475 centimetres. On the river Oka near the village Uhtua the water rises to a level of 250-280 cm, the critical mark – 470 cm. At the same time on the White river near the village of Mishelevka, the water level will reach elevations of 280-320 centimeters with the critical level of 680 cm.

We will remind, in Irkutsk region due to heavy flood has a state of emergency. Element caused damage to settlements in Kuitun, Taishet, Chunskiy, Tulunsky, Nizhneudinsk and Zima areas. As a result of flooding 20 people were killed and 15 remain missing. On the eve of President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared flooding in the Angara emergency of the Federal character. The region has a specific level of response.