Miracle! He rises from his wheelchair to pursue his “friend” with an axe

A man in a wheelchair . (Illustration) — V. WARTNER / 20 MINUTES

Rise up and walk. We do not know if it is a miracle, but a man in a wheelchair has found the strength to get up and go on with an axe the man who had taken her to his home. This fantastic story took place Monday afternoon in Villeneuve-Tolosane, a town south of Toulouse.

This all started from a trivial dispute because of an Internet connection between the man in his fifties with reduced mobility, and a friend who acted as host. Not happy with the response that was given to him by his host, the man stood up from his wheelchair and continued with an axe in the hand in the street. He has not bitten a sprint, leaving to his victim the time to escape by riding in a bus.

Judged by appearance immediate

A few hours later, the good samaritan, returns to his home in the company of another friend, thinking that after being assaulted, his pseudo-friend has left the site. The fifty-year-old is no longer the. But it has the grudge, tenacious, and returned shortly after midnight in the neighborhood, always an axe to the hand and under the influence of drugs.

“He was attacked at the door of the villa to which he has given 150 strokes of the axe for half an hour while two people were inside the building. Fortunately it was iron, ” says the colonel Cedric Garance, the company of gendarmerie of Toulouse-Le Mirail.

What are the members of the group night of the gendarmerie of the Haute-Garonne who intervened to challenge it, ” without resistance “. Excited, already known to the service police for acts of violence, must be held this Thursday afternoon in an appearance immediately.

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