Miracle warriors: secrets and skills of the Russian soldier

Чудо-богатыри: секреты и умения русского солдата

No matter how heroic the story of the war, almost always it boils down to the heroism of the common soldier. Since the times of Peter I it became one of the most popular characters in Russian folklore. In the 18th century, when the king introduced conscription, to serve in the army began to do the ordinary peasants. Were then hard and long – 25 years. Returning home, the men continued to adhere to army orders. Gradually the image of a brave defender of his native land and all the weak and oppressed began to appear in fairy tales. How often is the name of the Russian soldier and what he has skills, found out the correspondent of “MIR 24” Ekaterina Makarova.

The uniform, cap and rucksack – this is the soldiers in the popular Russian folk tale “Porridge from axe”. Returning from the war, soldiers on the way looks to grandmother Melania, but the grandmother was too bad and the serviceman refused to feed. Supposedly no products. Soldiers went to the trick – suggested the old woman to cook porridge from an ax. Surprised Melanie didn’t even notice that she gave him a bowl and cereal, and butter. In fairy tales such harmless deception the soldier goes quite often. He needed to feed, and all of his wealth is the straw, snuff and nifty. But going on leave or retiring, the soldier tries to help others.

“The villagers turn to him with a complaint against his master, the soldier solves the problem. A bad wife is the owner of the soldiers went and changed the wife of shoemaker wife of a gentleman – his hands drifted, silently, stealthily, because the soldier is able, he went scouting. Frees the Kingdom, subdues devils, to the extent of their bullying, what the fuck is he even in hell I’m afraid,” he told folklorist Maria Nefedova.

What the hell, death itself is afraid of the soldier. In the tale “the Soldier and death” the soldier is the strongest of all supernatural forces. He is not afraid even of God and is sure that death doesn’t have to obey. Cunning soldier sends bony to gnaw oaks, so she mowed people. Already exhausted and puts in the bag on the universal reproach.

In the film Alexander Rowe “Mary-mistress,” the soldier helps the boy Ivan and rescues his mother from the mighty king Vodokrut. The possession of the villain was an impassable swamp, which was filled with nasty creatures and traps, but a good heart and military experience did the trick. The brave soldiers defeated all evil and wiped his nose Vodokrut.

Afraid soldier and a bloodthirsty serpent, devouring all in Russia. His soldiers wins the cunning and ingenuity, and then riding it back to his native village. Notice the similarity with George? By the way, soldier in the tales are often named Andrew, a name that in Greek means “courageous” or “brave.” Generally, in the image of the soldier contains all the best traits of the Russian people, says the actor of the Moscow theatre of dolls Evgenie Ilyin. He plays this character in a fairy tale “Ognivo”. Soldiers faced with the old witch cuts off her head for cheating and takes all the gold.

“His main trait is gullibility, he is a simpleton. If living large, living large, if you have no money, no money. Does everything from the heart. He is a positive hero, he fights against evil,” said actor Evgeny Ilyin.

Soldiers from the fairy tales is very adventurous and unlike Ivan the fool never stays in one place. Charter, the soldier can sweetly to sleep anywhere on his battered overcoat. And lives of the soldiers with a moral: who works hard, and stone-sleep like the feather bed.