Miracles of accuracy! Guys thrown into the purpose of all sorts of things and always hit!

Such marksmanship pancakes on the plates, the vacuum cleaner for storage and backpacks to people you haven’t seen!

Чудеса влучності! Хлопці кидають у ціль всякі предмети і завжди попадають!

Watch as infernal virtuosos of the shell plates of pancakes, pantry — vacuum cleaners, bottles, plastic tubes, live people — with backpacks and always, always score, while you get a foot in the leg of their own the fifth attempt, absolutely unbearable. But impossible to resist!

But how the hell?! How?! The debate on this issue took place not only in our fevered from what I have seen of the brain, but in Facebook you guys. Some commentators genuinely believe it, others in wonder, and others — in installation, the fourth in the centuries-old exercise, the fifth in the only successful attempt after a million takes, six… And all agree on one thing: it looks cool shameless, reports Rus.Media.

By the way, this is the second part of the series on the application of marksmanship in life, the first was published in the summer of 2017 and broke the Internet 64 million views. YouTube channel guys generally teeming with devastatingly beautiful videos about how something jewelry to get somewhere. Shooting such a video — the meaning of their existence and prosperity.

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