Miraculous, they are united by their respective drama

Miraculous, they are united by their respective drama

Survivor of the group Matriax, decimated in a terrible car accident last year in Estrie, a young musician has found comfort in recent months by forging close links with Michel Laplante, himself the only survivor of the helicopter crash which claimed the life of Bob Bissonnette.

On September 2, 2019, two members of a rock metal group from Quebec tragically died and a third was injured after a violent collision in Ascot Corner, not far from Sherbrooke.

Dominic Lemieux-Richard, 23, and Christophe Thivierge, 20, perished in the drama. For his part, Cédrik-Alexendre Andrews miraculously survived, just like the driver of their car. Matriax, a quartet formed in 2017 in Quebec, had the wind in their sails and were due to perform on the Imperial stage in 2019 to launch their second album.

First plunged into a coma, Cédrik-Alexendre then crossed paths with Michel Laplante during his long convalescence. Recently, without speaking to each other, the two men even returned to the scene of their respective drama. Over the months, the same questions have arisen. Why me?

Two survivors

“He's the only one who can really say he understands me. It did me a lot of good. I was able to compare myself to someone who had experienced much the same thing. We are survivors of an accident and we came close to death. In the head, it's the same, ”says the young musician of 24 years.

In recent months, Cédrik has regained a taste for music and even gives drums lessons to Michel's son.

“I didn't even know who Michel Laplante was at the start. We saw each other several times and I even met his family, ”he adds, happy to have been able to count on unexpected help in his rehabilitation.

A year after the drama, Matriax's last musical work, From Words To Ashes, will soon be released as Final Chapter.

All proceeds will be donated to two foundations, Amplisson and the Martin Matte Foundation, the latter helping people living with head trauma.

A relief

For the president of the Capitales de Québec, the meeting had nothing but positive in his life. We feel a real attachment between the two survivors, interviewed separately.

“He told me that he felt bad for the relatives of those who died. He has the right to be well. We have the right to experience our grief our way. I believe without pretension that Cédrik recognized himself through what I lived and I am proud not to have told him what to do. The accident hit hard for him, and I'm upset to see him so well today. He is lucky to live, we mustn't spoil that, ”explains Michel Laplante.

The latter asserts without embarrassment that he was able to solidify with Cédrik the feelings he had allowed himself to live after the accident.

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