Mireille Moreau returns home

Mireille Moreau rentre à la maison

After two seasons in the NCAA, Mireille Moreau has decided to return to the country, where she will continue her career with the Red and Gold of the University Laval.

The tennis player of 20 years has worn the colors of the Huskies of From the past two years. This was not obvious to turn the page on his dream girl. “I’m really happy to be back, but it was a difficult decision because I dreamed of advancing in the NCAA since the age of ten years, told the native of Warwick. I am really happy to have lived it, and it was a beautiful experience. The calibre of play was high, and there were no parts easy unlike the junior ranks. In my last season, I was the player number one of the team. I’ve loved to represent my team and I have made very good friends.”

Three factors have been particularly motivated the decision of Moreau to return to Quebec. “Since my decision at the age of 10 years aim at the NCAA, I’ve evolved, and the school is one thing that’s really important, said the student of political sciences. When I opted for the path of the school, I forgot the professional ranks. Because I couldn’t study law, I felt that I had to sacrifice a bit of my education. I was accepted in law at Laval, and I find myself on the path that I wanted to.”

Caliber improved

At the time of the departure of Moreau to the Connecticut, the tennis was not part of the program of excellence of the Red and Gold, but is evolved under the patronage of the tennis Club, Laval University without the benefits to other sports, and without the notoriety. The tennis has been added as a 14th club in the Red and Gold for the season 2019.

“The calibre of play at the university level has really increased in Quebec, she mentioned. Now that the tennis has joined the ranks of the Red and Gold, it becomes a more attractive option. Some of the guys that are not able to get a scholarship in the NCAA, because it is more difficult for men, opt for the Red and Gold because the caliber is on the rise. It’s been a snow ball. I want to win a title as a team and get to nationals.”

Familiar environment

A former member of the sports program of the Cardinal-Roy high school, Moreau found several familiar faces. “I’m back to an environment that I know very well, she pointed out. I’ve played with several girls in the sport-studies, Marianne Gareau, who is my roommate and one of the reasons why I come back. Also, I know the coaches Jacques Bordeleau and Christian Gingras, who were at the Club Advantage when I was training with the sport-études. After two years in the United States, where the culture is different, I realized that I really liked Quebec.”

Because the spring season of the NCAA has been cancelled due to the COVID-19, Moreau has not been a year of eligibility, which means that it will be able to play four years with the Red and Gold.

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