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Зеркаль розповіла, коли очікується рішення суду ООН щодо РФ

Mineralni court of justice has got to finesti rsena on call about Ukraine against Russia porsenna two conventions – about borotba s finansowany terorizmu I about lcvac vsih forms rasovo discriminat have CNC 2022 – 2023 on the cob rock.

About TSE Podolia patron mnestra zakordonnih Ref z of pitane evropeisko ntegrat Olena zerkal.

For – words, Gruden nastupnogo rock Rosiya got taxes great volume documents in court.

“After the court got nadati us the right to vivchennya, the reaction on TSI document. Usually, TSE three-Vier of the month” – said zerkal.

Won zaznaczyla scho right on suti bude sluchalis from year 2022.

“After NASA reacts will of ACIS terms for reacts Russian Federation on our reaction, I vzhe after tsogo will priznajem kohanna. Really, rsena occurs not as 2022 rock, and perhaps, I to the cob 2023 rock,” he zagolosili zastupnitsa mnestra.

8 Listopad Mineralni court of justice in GaAs visnaw its jurisdiction for rozpadu call Ukraine against Russia.

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