Misfires Phoenix: after its release to the media, a public servant for the debt is finally able to keep her condo

Ratés de Phénix: après sa sortie médiatique, une fonctionnaire endettée pourra finalement garder son condo

A federal government employee debt due to failure of Phoenix is finally able to keep her home, the bank having agreed to give him a respite.

“I can continue to stay in my home!” lance, relieved, Beatrice Brown, a servant of the greater Montreal area.

The Journal revealed last week, the story of the professional who accumulates the problems of payroll with Phoenix since the end of the year 2017. Off work due to illness, the employee received no pay for three months, since Phoenix did not issue the document necessary for his application for unemployment.

Phoenix has, subsequently, been at the origin of delays in the payment of his disability insurance benefits. To make matters worse, upon his return to work in January 2019, it has been the victim of errors on his pay.

Result: Beatrice Brown has accumulated, during this period, payment delays and credit collapsed. To such a point that his mortgage lender, the TD Bank, it announced on 13 January that his condo could be seized.


The federal government employee, who asked in our pages a bit of compassion on the part of banks in the face of difficulties experienced by workers affected by Phoenix, was heard. On 7 February, the TD Bank sent a letter notifying him that the legal proceedings related to its ownership had been suspended.

Ms. Brown will be able to keep his house and continue mortgage payments for two months, after which discussions will be held between the parties, one can read in the missive. “It’s amazing the royal treatment that I received after my release in the media”, she says, quieter.

Another problem

The fight of Ms. Brown, however, is not finished. Phoenix, it must always be $ 5000 and the employee comes to learn that her acting in the department where she is currently working will end march 31 of next year. It will, therefore, department and employment status, which will involve a change of salary in Phoenix.

Nothing to reassure Beatrice Brown, who fears the impact that these changes will have on its payroll. “That’s what I’m going to have a payroll on the 15th April? Is it going to take me back to the food bank? It, it stresses me out so much,” she says.

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