Miss France 2021: no, Amandine Petit will not be unemployed!

    Miss France 2021: no, Amandine Petit will not be unemployed!

    Invited on the antenna of RMC this Monday, January 11, Sylvie Tellier assured that Amandine Petit will not refrain from any walkabout despite the criticisms … in the respect of barrier gestures.

    It will continue with its commitments. Yes Amandine Petit was able to understand the consequences of a crowd bath in the coronavirus era, Miss France 2021 However, cannot be exempted from its activities as explained by Sylvie Tellier this Monday, January 11. “It is complicated”, judged the patroness of the Miss on the set of Big Mouths the RMC, “the job of a Miss is to bring joy, happiness, to entertain people (…) She was elected in front of more than 10 million viewers so she is very well known. Result, the successor of Clémence Botino attracts all eyes. “As soon as she leaves her house, she creates a crowd.” The critics will do nothing: the beauty queen will not be unemployed in times of global pandemic.

    “Miss France, she is elected to meet the French”, added Sylvie Tellier. But far from her the idea of ​​putting Amandine Petit or her admirers in danger, while the viral disease is still raging (and than a variant of Covid-19 from the United Kingdom continues to worry European governments, despite extensive vaccination campaigns). “Which is certain is that Amandine goes to see people in complete safety. It was therefore for this reason that, unlike the Miss who preceded it, Miss France 2021 was not entitled to a return with great pomp to her native Normandy.

    Invited in Les Grandes Gueules by RMC this Monday, January 11, Sylvie Tellier reacted to criticism about a recent trip by Amandine Petit Panoramic / best image

    Heading for Miss France 2022?

    But the good intentions of Miss France were sometimes not sufficient, as proved by a signing session organized in Moselle, in a shopping center in Farébersviller. An event that had not been organized by the committee but by the regional daily The Republican Lorrain. “We accepted this invitation”, said Sylvie Tellier, “an invitation that went well (…) except that at one point, it created a surprise.” A crowd movement had followed and, despite respecting barrier gestures, wearing protective masks or the presence of the gendarmerie, crowding quickly became problematic. It remains to be seen if the next trips of Amandine Petit, who will do everything to save her marriage with her beloved, in particular for the election of Miss France 2022, will make less of a stir. For now, and still according to the director general of the Miss France committee, “we are waiting to know how the situation will develop.”

    Photo credits: PIERRE VILLARD / SIPA

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