Miss France 2021: what did the world look like during the first election?

    Miss France 2021: what did the world look like during the first election?

    MISS FRANCE – Who will be the hundredth Miss France in history? This Saturday, December 19 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1, the 29 candidates for the beauty contest meet at Puy du Fou to try to succeed Clémence Botino, Miss France 2020.

    For the 100th edition, Sylvie Tellier, director of the Miss France committee has decided to focus on the rich past of the ceremony by notably offering around thirty former winners to parade again live. In addition, a certain Agnès Souret could well be mentioned by the host Jean-Pierre Foucault. In 1920, the young Basque aged 17 was the first winner of the competition called at the time “The most beautiful woman in France”. A triumph that made the headlines the day after his coronation, on May 11.

    RETRONEWSAgnès Souret had obtained 195,000 votes out of 258,000 voters to win the first title of Miss France.

    When Agnès Souret was named first Miss, the world had little to do with the one we know today as shown in our video at the top of the article.

    The 1920s were marked by a whole bunch of innovations: the loudspeaker (1924), the electric razor (1929), sunglasses (1929), frozen food (1923) … But in 1920, the world has to be content with a slightly less spectacular yet very useful novelty: the first adhesive bandage, designed by an American, Earle Dickson.

    While waiting for the arrival of mass television, the public is passionate about silent cinema with in particular the adaptations of “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” or the adventures of “Zorro”.

    The year 1920 was also marked by the founding of the National Socialist Party of German Workers (NSDAP), a party led by Adolf Hitler the following year. In China, a violent earthquake hits the province of Gansu. The magnitude 8 earthquake is one of the deadliest in history. Over 200,000 people lost their lives in this disaster.

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