Mistakes in relationships Zodiac Signs leading to the end of a relationship and the infinite solitude

Ошибки в отношениях Знаков Зодиака приводящие к концу отношений и бесконечному одиночеству

Everyone makes mistakes in relationships and sometimes you want to know why we repeat them again and again. Some think and believe that everything in nature and our Zodiac sign. Let’s try to see how the stars predict our behavior in relationships.


Cancerians are conservative, and women like each new man once considered as a potential husband and family man. They expect that it will exert a lot of effort to achieve it. At the same time, cancers appreciate the personal space that confuses the relationship along with their demands on the other person, because cancers are often longer than need be alone.


Women-Scorpions – cold-blooded as the snow Queen. When they meet, they see the goal and see no obstacles. If this was a wedding or a divorce, they get their way.


For this sign of loyalty important – they keep it for yourself and demand from others. This makes Scorpions are very selective, they will not settle for less and I want to immediately see the impact. Men are hard to win a female Scorpio, but if this happens, then it will give him a long-term relationship and exclusive devotion.

On the other hand, if the Archers are not ready for a serious relationship, they will break a lot of hearts.


Capricorns are smart in life and in relationships, but sometimes not smart enough for their own good. They are purposeful and the order of love, because I do not tolerate people who do not tend to. They can’t stand criticism, because not communicate with those who tells them something unpleasant.


It’s simple people, who do everything quietly and calmly. They are honest and loyal, than can make use of selfish individuals, but they are also lazy, from of bed to cleaning the house.


They are very smart, but do not advertise it. The majority of their knowledge is the experience of past mistakes in relationships because of the gullibility of the fish. They are honest and not selfish, but determined to accomplish all success, therefore do not stay long in a bad relationship.


They say that Aries are creative and insightful. But when it comes to relationships, they prefer to turn a blind eye to the poor and not to accept that it is actually worse than it seems. They go with the flow, laugh off from unsuccessful ones, and only close friends, listening to their story can open their eyes to what is happening.


They say Taureans are stubborn, and that’s it. Relationship for them – it’s a contact sport. Calves are usually hard to satisfy in bed, women is important not only the duration but also the quality of the process. Taurus-strong women, which can leave men, and in a strange way, saying goodbye stupid SMS.


It’s all about harmony. Gemini twin nature of their relationship is love and hate at the same time. And that makes them hot lovers and very charismatic personalities. To meet such a woman dare not every man.


The lions run the show. In relationships they usually take most of the decisions are not shy to show that they are right. Nevertheless, female lions in the heart of the good Queen, but still Queen.


Women Virgo the art of relationships. They know how to conduct interesting conversations, able to listen and use the information they’ve heard in their interests. At the same time, Virgo is too inclined to analyze everything and look for hidden meaning where there is none. This often leads to unnecessary tears and stupid quarrels.


Like Gemini, Libra likes harmony, which are more reflected in the stability. When they meet with someone, I’m afraid not to stumble on the former. Libra often vain and appearance is usually more important than they’re willing to admit. Because they sometimes fall on people who are nothing but creating an attractive image of itself. Scales should be able to look beyond looks.

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