Mistakes that women are doing behind the wheel moving in the dark

Let’s look at the most common ones.

Помилки, які роблять жінки за кермом пересуваючись в темний час доби

Almost all motorists are required to travel in the dark. In such conditions you need to adhere to special care on the road, informs Rus.Media.

Consider the most common mistakes on the road that allow women in the dark

1. Do not clean the dirt from the headlights and windscreen. In the dark time of the day good visibility and the visibility must be absolute. Dirt prevents the light of the headlights to illuminate the road and on the windshield because of the pollution, there is a lot of glare. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the car.

2. Imprudent overtaking. The car, which the driver ahead may be a pit or other obstacle. In the dark, just in time to miss the obstacle, thus to provoke an emergency situation. If you are not sure what is behind the car he is overtaking, it is better to go gently, without risky maneuvers.

3. Assessment of the situation. At night it becomes harder to estimate the distance and the speed, so at this time there is a very large number of accidents.

Помилки, які роблять жінки за кермом пересуваючись в темний час доби

4. Dazzle high beams. Due to poor visibility, often women drivers forget to turn off the high beams. Do not forget to switch the headlights to low beam you need at a distance of about 250 meters before the oncoming car, so as not to cause anyone inconvenience.