Mitt Romney: brave or vengeful?

Mitt Romney: brave ou revanchard?

Mitt Romney is entered into history Wednesday by becoming the first senator to vote for the impeachment of a president of his political formation.

In a note published last Friday, I noted the efforts of Mitt Romney to convince a few republican colleagues to vote for the participation of new witnesses during the trial by impeachment of Donald Trump. If the attempt is unsuccessful, it would already allow the senator from Utah to show its colors.

He has challenged the leaders of his political formation by depriving the president of a unanimous vote of the members of his political formation. If Donald Trump going through a good period, and it can rejoice in the outcome of the trial, the defection of Romney the tickles in spite of everything. One can even consider the possibility of further clashes between the two men.

I am interested in the reactions gathered after the vote for Romney. Not only the reactions of the republicans and democrats, those of the media also. The media coverage is a reflection of the political polarization in the United States, I was expecting analyses contrasting and this was the case.

On one side, several newspapers and websites highlight the courage of the choice of the former governor of Massachusetts. The republican senators have recognized the seriousness of the action of the president, while recognizing that it does not break rank for fear of being the victim of retaliation.

If one speaks of courage and integrity, it also allows the use of strong images. On the site, The Atlantic, Peter Wehner has used the title “A profile in courage“. Some of you perhaps remember the title of the book of John F. Kennedy, which earned him the Pulitzer in 1957. Entitled Profiles in courage, there were the biographies of eight american senators facing adversity.

In a personal note, Romney himself, relying upon his integrity, and his religious beliefs to explain his decision to his republican colleagues. If Barack Obama has already highlighted the character respectable of his opponent during the 2012 campaign, a viewing of the documentary, Mitt is used to validate the dignified character of one who has failed twice in his attempt to reach the presidency of his country.

The media to be more conservative as the Washington examiner are, however, clear that Romney has changed his mind and repudiated its principles on numerous occasions on topics such as gun control, marriage between same-sex spouses, the integration of homosexuals into the army or access to abortion. These flip-flops often spectacular had a common denominator: the political gain.

Romney is a man of integrity and courage, one capable of defying the one that terrifies some of the other republican senators? He uses this time to enjoy a little bit of revenge in the face of the one who humiliated him by ignoring it completely at the time of the formation of his cabinet (Romney wanted to get the post of secretary of State)?

It must be acknowledged that Romney’s a certain boldness. After all, he is the ONLY elected republican to say loud and clear in his decision. But we can be sure that he would not have been able to find a better time to annoy Donald Trump. His victory is not total and the dissent Romney gets media coverage is very important.

For the duration of the policy? Wait, we still have eight big month before the election!

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