MLS: other cases of COVID-19

MLS: d’autres cas de COVID-19

The Major League Soccer (MLS) announced on Tuesday four new cases of COVID-19 among its players.

In a statement released on its website, the circuit Garber clarified that the individuals concerned are part of a delegation of 392 people – athletes, coaches, referees, employees and team members of the staff of the league – staying in a hotel florida is situated not far from the location where the league will resume action as early as 8 July.

This group of people arrived on the scene earlier this week and the tests were carried out in the space of two days. These results are in addition to the 26 cases reported since June 4, and reported by the MLS.

The tournament “The MLS is back,” will take place in Orlando and the channel TVA Sports will present the three meetings of the Montreal Impact during the group stage.

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