Mobile app for participants of the ATO: how will it help the military?

In Google Play became available the mobile application “Directory of services and benefits to the ATO party”, developed by Donetsk regional employment service. About it reports a press-Department service.

The application is designed to improve the social and professional integration of combatants. Through the program, soldiers will be able to obtain basic information relating to the accrued benefits, rights and social guarantees.

The Annex contains background information for the sections:

1 Memo to members of the ATO (the Status of UBD, required documents, withdrawal of status, UBD);

2 Benefits to participants ATO (medical services, household services and use of transport, the provision of land, housing, work and training);

3 Rehab (psychological rehabilitation of ATO participants, the social and professional adaptation, sanatorium treatment, provision of ATO’s technical and other rehabilitation means in Ukraine);

4 Work and private business;

5 hotline for members of ATU;

6 Legal aid for participants of ATO.

The service also gives the user the ability to view current vacancies on the website of the State employment service to register to visit any specialist employment services in Ukraine and to view the video on business planning.

Install it by clicking on the link.

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