Mobile wallet: the Kazakhstanis will be able to pay with your phone

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Marina Dykun


Phone as means of payment. Kazakhstan develops the service of instant mobile payments, according to “WORLD 24”. This was stated by the Minister of national economy Ruslan Dalenov.

Currently, the project involves three banks. Until the end of the year to connect ten. The development of cashless payments is driven by the state: it reimburses the stores the cost of the purchase of cash registers. Tax incentives to encourage development of online Commerce in General.

“The development of e-Commerce promotes trade in General and stimulates the transit of parcels from China via Kazakhstan. Our Republic has a very favorable geographical position. And if to it to add infrastructure capacity, the volume of transit can be increased significantly. So, increase the income of Kazakhstan companies”, – said Minister of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ruslan Dalenov.

According to the Minister, in the next five years transit of Internet parcels from China will increase six times.