Model and “adopted daughter” al Pacino: what do we know about the new girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone

Today, the network appeared the photo of the new novel by Leonardo DiCaprio: the paparazzi photographed the 43-year-old Hollywood actor on a walk with his young lover — a 20-year-old model and actress Camille Morrone. Rumors that these two are Dating, there a couple of months ago: Leo and Camille were seen together not just one party then another. New year they also held each other, going after a romantic trip. Initially, the new fascination with DiCaprio, which changes long-legged blondes like a glove, seriously no one reacted. Now, however, it becomes clear that love relationships become stronger: they are almost inseparable, and Leo even introduced a new girl friends. Maybe soon the pair will begin to appear on the red carpet. In anticipation of this event decided to learn more about Camille and found a lot of interesting!

No ordinary family: father is a male model, mother model and stepfather — al Pacino

Kamila is not from “an ordinary family”. Her parents are originally from Argentina where she was born. Pretty quickly, the family moved to the United States, and both father and mother Kamila was working in show business: having a striking appearance, they starred in movies, soap operas and advertising, taking advantage of its beauty. Incredible heights in this field, they have not reached, but “widely known in narrow circles” could be.

The father of Camila Morrone in a Dolce&Gabbana

The Mother Of Camila Morrone

Your lucky ticket mother Kamila pulled in 2007 when I met al Pacino: she was 30 years old, he is 66. Lucila Sola by the time the year got divorced and was open to a new relationship. Tall brunette with a charming smile instantly turned the head of the famous actor — it was a whirlwind romance. The difference in age lovers, did not bother, and gossip about the fact that Lucile just enjoys the wealth and fame of a Hollywood star.

Everything in its place put time in the past year lovers celebrated the 10th anniversary of the joint relationship. The paparazzi regularly caught them together, and their feelings in public, al Pacino and Lucila to show not shy.

Lucila Sola and al Pacino

Lucily for the daughter that she gave birth quite early and which is very close, the actor was almost a second father officially, of course, is not considered her stepfather (al Pacino, despite his many novels, has never been married and lead down the aisle Lucile also not in a hurry), but a warm and tender attitude towards his daughter, his beloved woman is not affected.

Camila Morrone, al Pacino and Sola Lucila

It was al Pacino, apparently, and was introduced to Kamil with his close friend Leonardo DiCaprio (he admires the talent of the stars of “the Godfather”). The fact that Leo is 20 years older than the girls in the family Kamila was no one to confuse — in the end, for them it is business as usual.

By the way, Camila is not the only child in the family: she has a younger brother, whom she adores. Actually Camila is strongly tied to my roots and loves spending time with his numerous relatives. Whether familiar with them already DiCaprio (who, incidentally, also appreciates family ties) until the matter.

Camila Morrone mom


Modeling career

To participate in various shooting Kamila, thanks to parents who cooked in this area, beginning from an early age. However, this contributed to not only respect his father and mother, how much spectacular appearance. Little Camille with her blond hair, big eyes and a charming smile was like an angel — no single agent could not pass by such a cute child.

But from repetition of destiny of sisters Olsen Camila, of course, was far — work and filming Lucile daughter was not loaded, and that, in General, grew up a normal teenager. Not yet turned into a real bombshell: in its 14 years, it was clear that Camille just destined to be a model with such good looks! Long legs, slim waist and full Breasts, plump lips — not a girl, and the picture!

Very soon Morrone has signed a contract with one of the most famous modeling agencies IMG Models with offices in new York, Paris, Milan and London, and later started to cooperate with based in Los Angeles Agency, LA Model Management.

Followed by the first advertising campaign, the first shows and shooting for fashion magazines. Debut on the catwalk, however, took place only in 2016 — Kamila has participated in the show cruise collection of Moschino.

Camila Morrone at the Moschino show

The model managed to collaborate with many fashion brands, but the most well-known campaigns for Urban Outfitters and PINK by Victoria Secret. Starred Kamila and fashion for various publications, including Love Magazine and Sports Illustrated, worked with Mario Testino and recently starred in a campaign together with Presley Gerber and boyfriend Zachary Quinto, miles McMillan. However, so far the greatest achievement of the girl — cover of Turkish Vogue.

Camila Morrone on the cover of Vogue

Kamila’s success as a model in comparison with other stellar models is quite modest, but to achieve heights in this field of a girl, in General, and does not seek — she wants to conquer the world of cinema. Yes, Camila sees herself an actress, and it is now concentrated.

Aspiring actress

To get into Hollywood, Kamila, thanks to the parents and al Pacino, was much easier than many others, but she favors nobody does: at the moment, in the asset of the girl until only three films.

On the big screen Camila made her debut in the film James Franco’s “Bukowski”. Alas, the debut was unsuccessful — simply because the work on the film was suspended due to problems with copyright in the adaptation. The next film to the viewer got: in the Thriller “death wish” Camila played a cameo role, but by Bruce Willis. In the film, by the way, was released in early March.

Camila Morrone with Bruce Willis in the movie “death wish”

The first major role Camilla played in the indie drama “Never come back” (Never Goin’ Back), which was presented at the Sundance film festival this year, critics the tape met quite warmly.

Camila Morrone in the film “Never come back”

No special actor’s education Kamila had yet everything she learns on the spot, and in the frame trying just to be myself. The most important advice to the girl, as she believes, gave her stepfather. Having the role in the movie with Bruce Willis, Kamila was so confused that he went to seek support from al Pacino, and he didn’t disappoint:

Everything will be fine! Just play and be yourself. Cry — cry, don’t — don’t cry. You’re only 19 years old, anyone generally will not care how you play

— reassured the actor Camille.

Social life

Camila, of course, like any decent model and actress, who comes to glory, is very popular in Instagram — the number of its followers has exceeded one million. Subscribers like me are not only fashionable images of the girl and her photos from different parts of the world (Yes, Camila travels a lot), but easy attitude to life, good sense of humor and the perfect balance of glamour and spontaneity in her account.

Model skillfully balances between different aspects of their life, and this attracts fans: here she is with friend Hailey Baldwin at the gala evening amfAR, and now eats pizza with mom in cozy pajamas. The high naturalness and low aggressive sexuality — Camila, as it tells us the profile is almost the same as we are. Compared with the accounts of many other beautiful models (the same sisters Hadid and Jenner) Instagram Camila looks surprisingly fresh in this, apparently, is the secret of its popularity.

As for the friends with whom the girl goes to parties, the range is extremely wide. As Camilla in get-together revolves for a long time, it is, of course, long been familiar with all, including with more famous counterparts, with the same Kaia Gerber, for example. But the closest friends of the girl is not from show business.

Camila Morrone and Hailey Baldwin

Personal life

Camille’s only 20, so loud novels over her shoulder not so much. How to write foreign media reports, in 2013, she began Dating a young man named Joseph Perez. This relationship lasted for three years. Shortly after the breakup, in 2016, Camille spotted with new boyfriend — singer Kahara Fai. With him and the girl met before in her life, there’s DiCaprio.

Meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio

By the way, how did it come about? This question worries many people, but no one has just guessing. Yeah, like Camille and Leo introduced al Pacino, but where and when? And how did all began this novel?.. In General, it is a mystery.

Presumably, all whirled in the autumn of 2017 at this time began to appear the first rumors about the novel Leo “another starlet”. For the first time in public together saw them in December, and then away we go for shopping in Los Angeles, is the birthday of Ellen DeGeneres, walks around the city… I Think soon the couple starts Cycling (like Leo did with Blake lively) and to engage in sup surfing (as it did with Toni Garrn) and generally more often to please the paparazzi joint appearances. By the way, curious fact: best friend, Leo, who often accompanies the actor on his tryst with the girls, Lukas Haas, this time near the lovers that is not visible.

Now Kamila the centre of attention — because of a famous boyfriend. And many wonder how beauty will take advantage of the situation and will take advantage of it at all. Whether to wait for the breakthrough movie or extremely successful promotional contract? Or, maybe that this girl is destined to become the eternal Hollywood bachelor, the one and only?

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