Model Campers

Park model campers are one of the types of towable campers. But, although they are towable, they are not a type of camper that is meant to be towed frequently from campground to campground like the other types of towable campers are. They are a destination type RV, which means the park model RV is purchased, towed to its destination, hooked up to the utilities, and left at that site for an extended period of time – usually until the owners either sell it; have it moved to a different long term site; or purchase a new park model camper.

This makes park model campers a great choice for people who have long term campsite rentals or who have purchased a permanent campsite. Then instead of having to hook up their camper every time they want to go to the campground, they can just pack their clothes and some food and head to their park model camper to enjoy themselves.

It’s also a great choice for people who like to spend several months a year living in warmer areas and who want an affordable vacation home. There are numerous RV resorts, vacation, and retirement communities where space for a park model RV can be rented, leased, or purchased. Depending on local ordinances, park model RV campers can be placed on leased or purchased land and used as blackbuck antelope hunting or fishing cabins as well.

loft area of park model

Although park model campers look like small mobile homes, they are not mobile homes. They are meant to be temporary or seasonal housing. Although, at least in some warmer areas of the United States, people do live in their park model RV’s nearly full time as their retirement homes because they do have all the amenities of a home and can be quite spacious.

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