MOE: Four missing in the Irkutsk region found alive

МЧС: Четверо считавшихся пропавшими в Иркутской области найдены живыми

In the Irkutsk region four of the 17 missing in the floods found alive, the newspaper “Evening Moscow” referring to the press service of the emergencies Ministry.

“According to recent data, of the 17 missing in the floods four are found alive, the report says.

Rescuers also stated that currently remains unknown the fate of another 13 people, including one child. As a result of the accident killed 18 people.

Recall that the floods in the Irkutsk region appeared in the middle of June due to heavy rains and rise of water in rivers. 201 people were hospitalized, with flooded areas evacuated 2563 man.