MOE: the Number of victims of floods in the Irkutsk region has risen to five people

PHOTO : TASS / PKU uprdor “the Baikal area”


The number of flood victims in Irkutsk region increased to five persons. This was reported to the head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Bratsk, RIA “Novosti”.

Earlier it was reported about three victims.

“In the warning order the power supply is disconnected in four districts with a population of over 11 thousand people. As a result of the disaster affected 353 people, including 32 children. Five people died, 97 were hospitalized, the fate of two remains unknown, including one child” – said Senichev.

In his words, evacuated 1161 people. 924 16 are in temporary accommodation. Among them, 282 children and six disabled people. Other residents wished to stay with relatives.

“Water damaged 13 road bridges, restricted movement on the Federal highway “Siberia” and 17 sections of local roads,” – said the head EMERCOM of Russia.

Senichev noted that it continues the increasing group of rescuers.