Moisson Québec has doubled its aid

Moisson Québec a doublé son aide

Moisson Québec has seen requests for food assistance to double since the beginning of the crisis and the organization does not know if she will have the resources to hold out until at the end of the month.

To support its activities in the context of the COVID-19, Moisson Québec has received 143 000 $ from the provincial government and is awaiting federal funding.

“This is the time that it comes to secure our long-term services. It costs us around $ 130,000 per week in additional spending since the start of the crisis, ” said Élaine Côté, executive director.

In this context, the liquidity to buy food to 125 agencies may end up by miss.

“For the month of may, it’s going to, but then, I don’t know “, she added.

Two times more requests

The number of people who received food through Moisson Québec is increased from 35 000 to 70 000 per month.

“For a month of April normal, we are giving approximately 230,000 pounds of food were distributed to nearly 490,000 pounds in the last month. “

Moisson Québec continued to receive food from its regular partners, in addition to special gifts. However, to meet all needs, the organization has had to spend a lot of money to buy food.

The operating costs are also higher than usual.

The organization has had to add two trucks to its fleet and relocate a portion of its operations in three warehouses instead of two to meet the standards of social distancing.

Appeal to farmers

For its part, the Mouthful is generous, that provides a first line service, lack of vegetables and fruits such as carrots, tomatoes and apples.

“There are producers who have more and others who have fear of the COVID-19 and who do not want to give,” said Pierre Gravel, director-general of the organization, which feeds 600 families a week.

Mr. Gravel has a message for the farmers who have surplus to give : “they call us and we will go get them,” he says.

The situation is similar in the city, where the agencies say they also have noted a sharp increase in requests for food aid since it has expanded the eligibility rules because of the crisis.

Moisson Montreal, it indicates having to pay$ 7.4 Million for food in April, an increase of expenses of$ 2.3 Million for this month alone. On his side, the Sun Youth describes having to help 50 % more families, at the time the financing activities had to be cancelled.

— With Anne-Sophie Perry

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